Hello! I’m Dr. Nika Jackson
Hello! I’m Dr. Nika Jackson
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Hello! I’m Dr. Nika Jackson

Tonjanika has been practicing within the Mental Health Counseling field for over 24 years. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Professional Counselors Supervisor. She is also a Certified Co-Occurring Disorder Professional Diplomat.

Her therapy style is strongly influenced by a cognitive behavioral and a person-centered approach which facilitates a client’s inward growth towards fulfillment in life. In do so, Tonjanika meets clients where they are with unconditional positive regard, genuineness, and an empathetic understanding. Also, in providing a combination of substance use disorder and mental health counseling, Tonjanika incorporates evidenced based approaches that integrates both, to assist clients with improving their health and wellness so that they can live a self-directed life.

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At Jackson Counseling Services, we are committed to fostering well-being and mental health awareness not only within the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) but also across the nation. Dr. Jackson, our esteemed founder and lead counselor, actively engages in a variety of community events, training sessions, and speaking engagements aimed at promoting mental health literacy and resilience. Additionally, Dr. Jackson travels across the country to deliver keynote speeches and facilitate training sessions for organizations, schools, and conferences. Topics range from addressing stigma surrounding mental health to implementing effective counseling techniques. Through our outreach efforts, we strive to empower individuals and communities to prioritize mental wellness and seek support when needed.


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